Recognition in the Illinois Green Fleet's Program

Recognition Program overview

The Illinois Green Fleets Program started in 2000 and is administered by the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency, with the support of the Chicago Area Clean Cities, American Lung Association, the Chicago Climate Action Plan and other partners.

One of the primary objectives of the Illinois Green Fleets Program is the recognition of corporate, small business, government, and other fleets in Illinois that stand out amongst their peers in "greening" their fleet operation. Illinois Green Fleets are designated by the Illinois EPA for implementing clean, domestic fuels and alternate fuel vehicles thereby providing for improved air quality and greater energy security and helping Illinois create and sustain green jobs. Being designated and recognized as an Illinois Green Fleet is an easy way to promote your organization’s environmental performance and to let your employees, customers, other businesses, and the general public know that you are leading by example in reducing emissions and improving our nation's energy security. Illinois Green Fleets receive recognition through the Illinois EPA's website at, at the designation events, and through media press releases.

The recognition, branding and networking opportunities associated with the Illinois Green Fleets Program have resulted in significant media attention for many fleets. This has included reports from major television networks, newspapers, trade publications and nationally distributed magazines, as well as recognition from local, state and federal government officials.

The Illinois EPA and its partners want to ensure all fleets that take extraordinary efforts with their green fleet initiative for their on-road vehicles are properly recognized for their efforts. You will receive the following benefits for as long as your fleet is designated an Illinois Green Fleet:

  • Public recognition at an annual Illinois Green Fleet designation event;
  • Being highlighted as an Illinois Green Fleet on several websites, including the Illinois Green Fleets Program website and those sites operated by the Chicago Area Clean Cities coalition and the Chicago Climate Action Plan (at a minimum, these sites would include a description of your fleet and the background information on how you became an Illinois Green Fleet, along with your future plans);
  • Inclusion in a press release designating Illinois Green Fleets for the year; and
  • The use of the Illinois Green Fleets logo for placement on your website, brochures and other public information materials, your alternate fuel vehicles or refueling facility and signage at your company or similar public location.

Applying for the Illinois Green Fleets Program

Fleet managers or transportation directors interested in having their fleet designated for the Illinois Green Fleets Program must submit an initial application that includes several survey questions regarding your vehicle fleet. The information you submit regarding your current fleet, types of alternate fuel vehicles and clean domestic fuel usage will be tabulated and scored on several criteria. In addition, applicants will be evaluated based on the petroleum displaced and will receive points for sharing your best environmental practices and plans for future vehicle acquisitions, and by submitting a brief write-up explaining why you decided to pursue becoming a green fleet and the benefits you are experiencing or expect to realize. Based on the number of points, fleets will be designated a 1-Star, 3-Star, or 5-Star Illinois Green Fleet. Designation as an Illinois Green Fleet is continuous but subject to annual survey submittal and re-evaluation.

If your fleet is recognized as an Illinois Green Fleet, the program website at will include your "fleet write-up" (Section 6 of the application) along with information on the number of alternate fuel vehicles and domestic fuel usage. Please notify the Illinois EPA at (217) 557-1441 if you have any questions or concerns regarding the survey information or how you would like to highlight your organization on the Illinois Green Fleets website.

AFVs and Hybrids in the Fleet? Be Designated and Receive Recognition as an Illinois Green Fleet.

Complete the Illinois Green Fleets Designation Survey today!

Eligible Vehicles and Fuels Types

Alternate fuel vehicles eligible for green fleet consideration include natural gas, E85 (85% ethanol) fuels, biodiesel (20% blend or B20 and greater), propane, hydrogen, electric, hybrid and other on-road vehicles or fuels recognized by the U.S. Department of Energy or the State of Illinois. Vehicles that are converted to an alternate fuel must use a conversion system that is certified by either the U.S. EPA or California Air Resources Board (CARB) in order to be included in the program. Where innovative technologies not listed here are included in a survey response, only those that have been verified by U.S. EPA or CARB will be considered in a fleet's score.

On-road fleets of any size are welcome and encouraged to complete and submit the survey/application forms. If you also have vehicles outside of Illinois, your survey responses should only include the vehicles and equipment that were primarily based in Illinois during the applicable survey year.

Submitting survey information to the Chicago Area Clean Cities coalition

Illinois Green Fleets and the Chicago Area Clean Cities coalition (CACC) have collaborated to issue this joint, annual survey. While submitting your annual Illinois Green Fleets survey, you are also submitting the data to CACC. On behalf of the U.S. Department of Energy (U.S. DOE), CACC annually collects information on alternate fuel vehicle implementation and the amounts of alternate fuels being utilized. The individual answers you provide in the survey will not be shared with the U.S. DOE, but the total numbers of vehicles and the cumulative gallons of alternate fuels for all green fleets in Illinois will be forwarded. Your cooperation in helping us with the annual survey information may result in additional recognition and funding for Illinois and the Chicago area.